Beautiful Contentment

One of the things I will miss when the quarantine is over is watching my sons grow up right in front of me. Parenting by all accounts has its challenges. However, the beautiful thing is watching something God has gifted you with grow right in front of you. Since I entered the workforce, I have … Continue reading Beautiful Contentment

One Image. Many Perceptions.

Depending on your context these images could mean that you are helping others, protecting yourself, being considerate of the welfare of others, or cause you to be seen as a threat. Not too long ago black men wearing hoodies were seen as a threat, thugs, hooligans, gangsters, and a menace to society. They were being … Continue reading One Image. Many Perceptions.

Love, Unconditional 2

Hosea’s obedience is not Biblical licensure for frolicking freely and shamelessly sharing bodily fluids with whomever we desire. Scripture provides clear commentary and guidance regarding sexual ethics and the gift of sex for the covenant of marriage. It also speaks to the consequences of the abuse of sexual relationships beyond the scope of Biblical sexual … Continue reading Love, Unconditional 2