Moments That Matter

Make your moments and time so powerful and joyful in your child’s life that those moments and memories outlive you. There are no guarantees about how much time you have on this earth and in this life. Yet, you can make the time you do have matter. Your encounters with the friends, peers, and colleagues … Continue reading Moments That Matter

A Worthy Fall

After three weeks of successfully, in my opinion, beginning my journey into cycling and two beautiful days of twenty mile rides (42 miles) I fell. I did not fall in any of my efforts. My process is strategic and safe. I have the proper riding garments, helmet, gloves, and I take all the necessary precautions … Continue reading A Worthy Fall

Parents, Children, and the Curse 1

During this time of sheltering-in-place one of the many things all can work on is spending time with our sons and daughters. There is much comedic banter about the challenges and difficulties of parenting. And yes, parenting does come with its challenges. However, we ought to use this time as opportunity to enjoy our sons … Continue reading Parents, Children, and the Curse 1