One Image. Many Perceptions.

Depending on your context these images could mean that you are helping others, protecting yourself, being considerate of the welfare of others, or cause you to be seen as a threat.

Not too long ago black men wearing hoodies were seen as a threat, thugs, hooligans, gangsters, and a menace to society. They were being arrested, jailed, racially profiled, and murdered.

This was not new news. The messages of my childhood from parents, family elders, and community elders were make yourself visible. Make your face seen. Show your hands. Look respectable and be respectful. The message was simple. The message was “no matter how you feel or what you have going on, the comfort of others is your priority”. Making sure others are not afraid of you is important. Using your manors and being visible makes the difference between whether you live or die.

This narrative, this message, this reality is juxtaposed against our responsibility of being our “brother’s keeper”. We are all brothers and sisters in Creation. However, the question that comes to mind is not “Am I my brother’s keeper?” But, “who is my brother?”. Thus, I believe is the problem. Humanity is blinded by their own image and only those that look like themselves are those whom they are to keep safe, care for, and be concerned about. All others are disposable.

Genesis 4:1-9

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