Beautiful Contentment

One of the things I will miss when the quarantine is over is watching my sons grow up right in front of me.

Parenting by all accounts has its challenges. However, the beautiful thing is watching something God has gifted you with grow right in front of you. Since I entered the workforce, I have held numerous volunteer and payed positions. During all of this I have worked tirelessly to pursue, reach, and make it to that next thing, next level, next label, next position, next this, and next that. My efforts have been the process of working long and crazy hours to attending undergraduate, graduate, and other training opportunities. I have been running the rat race in the name of improving the quality of my life.

However, lately the sound of “godliness with contentment” amidst the current slow down and working from home has me in a place of resolve and recognition about accepting my successes, valuing my gains, and recognizing I do not need to gain or acquire everything. I simply need the God things. There is a difference between good things and God things. Good things are the many won prizes along the way of this life one can pursue time and time again. They do have value. They can generate success. They can increase income. But, at what cost.

“What does it profit a man if he gains all…but loses…” I can gain everything I want in this world but lose the very things that anchor my soul. I could lose my sons to career. I could lose my sons to ambition. I could lose my freedom to chasing this thing and that thing in the name of more money, promotion, acceptance, or whatever the case maybe.

Or, I can be grateful for all I have been able to do and take time and be available to my wife and sons and watch the most beautiful people in my life grow.  

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