Goals: Selfish or Serving?

Goals are great to have. However, if they come at the expense, hurt, pain, or devaluing of others they may not be goals. You may simply be selfish.

It is an awesome thing to have a plan to go somewhere, be something, overcome some feat, or conquer some challenge. However, are your efforts empowering others or impairing others?

In a recent conversation with a dear friend, we started to process the motivation behind goal construction and goal setting. One of the ideas that came about was that a goal could be selfish. A person’s soul desire for pursuing a goal could be to cover up rejection or to hide insecurity instead of dealing with rejection and facing insecurity.

These types of goal setters surround themselves with people that only agree with them, see things their way, and are distant and unaffected by the decisions they make.

They minimize the voice of those who are most impacted by their decisions and see them as enemies to their vision, goals, and plans when they do not agree. They find it difficult to process the challenges, issues, and logistics required to accomplish the goal.

They do not want to process, plan, or organize. They just want to make it happen. They see cost and expenses as present investments for future gains verses the financial restraint and impairment that they really can be.

Are your goals considerate?
Do they value those who will be impacted and affected most?

Are your “supporters” only those who are NOT impacted by the decisions that will be made?

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