Desire: Disciplined or Destructive.

What is the role of desire in humanity’s life? Is it a tool and instrument for absolute pleasure and consumption? Or, is it a gift for intimacy and relationship?

Desire presents itself in many ways. It is presented and represented by everything that we are told to like and everything that we do like. How do you determine what you do or do not like? How do you know what you ought to desire or ought not to desire?

The athlete trains and puts their bodies through grueling tasks and sometimes abuse to prepare for their next event.

Those who struggle with too much or too little food consumption eat or purge their bodies for unrealistic and unhealthy objectives.

Financially, some people spend little to nothing and are labeled as frugal. Others are compulsive spenders and spend money on things they perceive they “need”.

Sexually, one’s appetites can be filled to the brim with sexual exploits and pursuits. Or, there could be the goal and a life of abstinence.

There are extremes to all that is available for consumption and desire. It can drive one to be disciplined. Or, it can drive one to be destructive.

What role does desire play in your life? How do your desires help you? How do they hurt you? Are there desires that you have found some balance with? Are there desires that you continue to struggle with?

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