Love, Unconditional 2

Hosea’s obedience is not Biblical licensure for frolicking freely and shamelessly sharing bodily fluids with whomever we desire. Scripture provides clear commentary and guidance regarding sexual ethics and the gift of sex for the covenant of marriage. It also speaks to the consequences of the abuse of sexual relationships beyond the scope of Biblical sexual ethics and marital covenant.

Hosea’s act of obedience is God’s use of a notable public figure’s life for the purpose of showing onlookers the error of their ways in hopes to bring them to repentance, changed hearts, changed minds, changed lives, and a relationship with the Lord. It is the use of marriage as a metaphor to demonstrate the horrid nature between the Lord and his bride, His people.

That is the goal for all believers. It is the work of each believer’s life to bring light, life, and hope amidst darkness. It is the goal to move hearts and minds from the bondage of sin to the easy yokes and light burdens of the Savior.

Hosea’s obedience additionally portrayed the love of a faithful and unwavering God towards an unfaithful and devoid of commitment people. Regardless of the number of times Gomer returned to harlotry ways Homer pursued her and often had to purchase his own wife back from those who enslaved her to the enchantments of the life she returned to.   

The use of the believer’s life to generate hope, conviction, repentance, and change is the rule not the exception. The work of the Groom is the showing of love regardless of not being loved back. This was Hosea’s life. This was his role. This was his work.

Do our lives function the same way? Do they reflect Christ? Do they speak a message? Does God get the glory? Do we demonstrate the Love of the Lord towards others where they can experience a love that covers a multitude of sins and errors? Do our lives lead others to repentance and commitment to Christ?

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