Love, Unconditional 1

Imagine spending your life committed to your mother and father’s teachings regarding faith, commitment to the Lord, and wanting to duplicate what you have been taught in your own life as a man, an adult, a person. Dreaming of being a husband, father, and building a home. Dreaming of your bride – perfect, loving, kind, gentle, beautiful, serving the Lord together, and all you imagined.

The moment comes. The moment you are of age to start making decisions about settling down and finding a wife.

The time comes to make decisions about a potential mate to bring home to your mother and father, getting their approval, preparing the family for ceremony, going through traditions of wedding planning and marital preparations, creating your own memories, and beginning the building of your own family. However, in that very moment where you would be making one of the most important relationship decisions of your life, God tells you to “Find a whore and marry her. Make this whore the mother of your children.”

Hosea was the young man, young preacher, young minister, and young pastor God instructed to marry a woman whose life was completely opposite and contrary to his. He lived a life of consecration and commitment to the ways of the Lord while his bride to be lived a life of harlotry, debauchery, and devoid of commitment. He, never experiencing the sexual touch of a woman, is instructed to marry a young lady whose entire life had been one sexual exploit and sensual escapade with man, after man, after man.

God, knowing Hosea’s heart, leads him to go against everything he knew about family life and desired for family life. Hosea walks in obedience because he knew his God. God revealed to him the moment the instructions came forth the intent and purpose of this. God was using a holy vessel, Hosea, to engage in a highly undesired act because He wanted His people to have an image of their unholy, wretched, wicked, and vile hearts and ways.

“Find a whore and marry her. Make this whore the mother of your children. And here’s why: This whole country has become a whorehouse, unfaithful to me, God.”

God used the life of Hosea to demonstrate to the His people the wickedness of their hearts, how they had forsaken God, and how they have stooped to new idolatry lows. Regardless of the difficulty of the situation, Hosea continued to be the husband, father, and man he set out to be. He demonstrated commitment, love, and compassion despite the ways of his wife. His life revealed the commitment of the Lord to His people despite the ways of their lives.

To be continued…

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