Appetites, Issues, and Gaurdians

There is no lack of information to consume in this life. The world of entertainment has everything imaginable under the sun to quench any thirst. Pick a platform, a mode, a medium, it will have content from the most vile to the most virtuous at the fingertips of the consumer. Heart The world of news … Continue reading Appetites, Issues, and Gaurdians

Parents, Children, and the Curse 1

During this time of sheltering-in-place one of the many things all can work on is spending time with our sons and daughters. There is much comedic banter about the challenges and difficulties of parenting. And yes, parenting does come with its challenges. However, we ought to use this time as opportunity to enjoy our sons … Continue reading Parents, Children, and the Curse 1

Love, Unconditional 2

Hosea’s obedience is not Biblical licensure for frolicking freely and shamelessly sharing bodily fluids with whomever we desire. Scripture provides clear commentary and guidance regarding sexual ethics and the gift of sex for the covenant of marriage. It also speaks to the consequences of the abuse of sexual relationships beyond the scope of Biblical sexual … Continue reading Love, Unconditional 2

A Life that Lasts

Daniel is considered one of Old Testament literature’s luminaries. His visions are legendary and have been the topic of discussions and study for centuries. What is most fascinating in addition to his literary skills and spiritual giftedness is his life. Much of what is heard by congregants, parishioners, and listeners of pulpiteers is considered the … Continue reading A Life that Lasts

The Meaning of “Priest”

Leviticus 21.1-22:16; Ezekiel 44.15-31 compared with 1 Peter 2:9 (Isaiah 9:2; Acts 26:17-18 “out of darkness…”) In light of 1 Peter 2:9a, how do the Leviticus and Ezekiel passages apply (being that Peter is speaking in Judaic terms whether intentionally or not; the metaphor exists; proclamation stands)? Is the term/role priest accurately interpreted and executed … Continue reading The Meaning of “Priest”