Beyond Being Tied Up.

Jesus entering Jerusalem sounds like a sight to see. Massive crowds of men and women gathering to celebrate Him in the most visible way. The provision of their garments, palm branches being laid out for Him, the masses crying out to Him, “Hosanna”; those whom he had discipled rejoicing, and high-ranking religious officials becoming irate with it all.


In the middle of this scene is a lowly animal that has been paid little attention until Jesus wants to use it. This is fascinating. Jesus has the tendency to have that affect. No one paid the donkey any attention until Jesus wanted to use it. The colt had never been sat on or ridden. Not sure why but the colt was never given opportunity until Jesus needed its service, needed its help, and needed him to help fulfill Jesus’ purpose, mission, and assignment.

Many people in life are in tied up positions, with little to no opportunity to demonstrate their full potential. They are tied up with toxic relationships, tied up with bad business deals, tied up with hurt and broken hearts, tied up with bitterness and confusion, tied up with financial problems, tied up with health problems, tied up with this and tied up with that. They are tied up. But then comes Jesus.

In route to do what He came to do Jesus summoned the services of something that was tied up.

Jesus informs his disciples where to go, what to say, and what to do in order to generate required provision for opportunity. Why? Because the Lord had a need. Jesus was not concerned with the ropes, situation, or circumstances that had the donkey tied up. The only thing that mattered in that moment was the Lord’s need.

People, too often, become consumed with all their tie-ups, hiccups, hang-ups, successes, failures, virtues, and vices. Thus, leaving them thinking too little or too much of themselves and being unavailable to meet the need of the Lord. This is not to say people are to abandon responsibilities in the name of serving the Lord. But, it does speak to the ability to be good stewards of the gift of life, serving those whom we are graced to serve, and knowing God can use our situations to meet His need.

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