Moments That Matter

Make your moments and time so powerful and joyful in your child’s life that those moments and memories outlive you.

There are no guarantees about how much time you have on this earth and in this life. Yet, you can make the time you do have matter. Your encounters with the friends, peers, and colleagues of your children are moments where you are establishing memories in the hearts and minds of your child and the hearts and minds of those who know your child.

You are establishing memories in the hearts of others through how you treat your child.


The shared stories that your child will offer others will travel on into the hearts and minds of others. What will these memories consist of?

Memories are not simply the stories that are told about you. Memories are also the way you treated, engaged, loved, cared for, and empowered your child.

Yes, there will be laughter about times of discipline and tears about times of pain. But, will there be a smile on the faces of those whom the memories impacted when they think about you? Will there be warmth in their heart when you come to their mind? Will there be a sense of pride about their dad and their mom? This is how all that you do now will live on beyond you.

Growing up, I spent many summers and holidays at my maternal grandparents house. My grandmother was this tiny lady that ruled her home with much love and a stern demeanor. My grandfather was this towering pot-bellied man that had the biggest and jolliest laugh in the world. It felt like the whole house rattled and moved when he laughed.

Both of my grandparents had this way about them where they knew how to discipline and scold us and play and laugh with us. They could be punishing us in one moment and laughing with us the next. My cousins and I, to this day, can talk about our grandparents like they have never left this earth, as if the family gatherings were yesterday. Their love, compassion, the food, the family, and everything about those moments and days are etched upon each of our souls. They left an impression that not only impacted us but will be shared with our sons and daughters.

People may never remember your name but you can leave such an impression on the soul of your sons and daughters that can change the course of history in the lives of generations to come.

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