His Workmanship 2

We must never lose sight of the wonder, glory, beauty, and power of God’s provision – His manna He has provided daily. We must remember provision is God’s answer to something we prayed for or He promised. We cannot allow our excitement about provision wane or diminish over time with familiarity and normality.


The grind of working what God has provided can create feelings of lost excitement or a deadness about the matter. However, Jesus was the one we prayed to bring it forth into our lives. Provision requires commitment, focus, determination, and discipline. There is a daily responsibility to sustain focus on what has been provided and the responsibilities within what has been provided.

Sustained focus is the product of being a good steward of all that the Lord has placed in our lives to take care of. Provisions are treasures within us and our lives that demonstrate the power and excellence of the Lord and not of our own doing, power, or might.

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