His Workmanship 3

Every day we awake from our slumber and our sleep we are allotted a portion of strength, health, talent, ability, energy, resources, relationships, and on and on. Every day we are provided with something. Even if it is some version of weakness, it is something. Are we going to steward what we have been provided? Are we going to manage it and care for it well? Are we going to work it, cultivate it, and allow space for growth?

The World I Have

Growth, however, is not only the pursuit of change and results in the areas, opportunities, and spaces of provision. Growth is additionally about the changes taking place within our heads and hearts. We must never forget that we too are a provision to ourselves. We must steward our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, talents, abilities, and all we possess and do not possess. We must manage, oversee, and cultivate what we do have capacity and ability for.

Additionally, there must be awareness, insight, and capacity to genuinely be aware of what we do not possess nor have capacity for. This is an ongoing process. It is the challenge navigating strengths and weaknesses. It is the challenge of facing fears and recognizing realities. It is the challenge of operating in obedience and walking in faith. Being a good steward of all God has provided is the balance between not thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought and being confident in all that Christ has allowed, offered, and provided.

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