His Workmanship 1

God continues to provide opportunities and provision. He generates provision and is the Provider. Through Him we live, breathe, and have an existence. We must believe in all He has placed in us. We must trust His work in our lives and believe in the tools, resources, relationships, and opportunities He has provided.

There will be challenges with the resources and tools the Lord has provided. But, we must remember it is His provision. We are his workmanship. Provision does come with pain. Provision does come with discomfort. Provision does come with things we will not enjoy or like.

Raw Material

Discomfort and pain are the results of us working the provision and the provision working us. We are his workmanship. We are the result of his molding, making, and shaping of our lives through our interactions and efforts with provision and through our response to provision.

Remembering we are His workmanship and He is the provider requires a valuing of the “daily bread” and “daily benefits”. Can we value, appreciate, accept, and glory in the provision? Esau minimized the value of his birthright. The Israelites expressed frustration with Manna. Yet, Jesus demonstrated how the Father’s will was greater and more valuable than his personal will.

Genuinely wanting what God provides requires acceptance and trust. There must be an acceptance of the challenges, discomfort, and processes that come along with provision. Jesus was fully aware of His Cross He had to bear. Jesus did many things. Yet, His priority was the Cross. Jesus humbled Himself and was obedient to the Cross and all that came with the Cross including death.

How obedient are we to His “daily bread”, “daily benefits”, and His “manna” He provides?

Psalms 23

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