My Ride

I recently purchased a road bicycle. Since my mid- to late twenties I have wanted to get into cycling. However, I never really pursued it. I honestly made excuses for not pursuing it. My list of excuses included but were not limited to “I’m too busy” or “I don’t know anyone else who does this or would like to do this”. I did pull the trigger at some point and purchased a cheap bicycle from a local department store. However, I rarely road that bike.

But here I am today.

Over the last year I have been training on our recumbent bike. Initially the goal was to lose the 20 pounds I had gained that came with our relocation. I really was not using our recumbent bike prior to the last year. It was something I would ride periodically in the name of vain exercise attempts. We had owned it since the early 2000s and over 15 years of ownership only put about 300 miles on it.

My workouts mostly consisted of resistance and core training. I did very little cardio. Focused primarily on core training did not result in losing weight. It did increase muscle and muscle tone but not contribute to weight loss. So, I started riding the recumbent bike occasionally. I got to the point where I would ride regularly; but it was mostly for weight loss. Once I reached my weight goals I stopped.

A few months went by, I really was not working out, and I noticed my wife working on herself. As I watched her, I started to feel bad because here she was working on her health and I am failing to do my part to work on my health. I come from a family that battles several health issues including heart related issues. Thinking deeply about my health and being honest with myself I created health goals for a lifestyle not related to weight, an image, or a look. I returned to the recumbent bike with the mindset that it was a tool to train with and on.

Over the past year I averaged 30 to 50 miles per week on our recumbent bike in addition to my traditional workout methods. I used the recumbent bike to do resistance training, endurance training, and distance training. I did everything I could think to do to prepare for cycling.

With the purchase of my first serious road bike, I completed my first ride the other day. It was glorious! I was .8 miles shy of 10 miles. But I did not notice until after I stopped my tracking app or I would have went for the final mile. My first ride was mostly about learning my new bike. However, my speed, endurance, pacing, etc paralleled my work on the recumbent. Overall, my performance was better than I had anticipated.

I am already planning my next ride, mapping routes, and looking for cycling opportunities. Here’s to doing things you have always wanted to do and having the time to do them.

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