Destined for Division?

The thoughts, ideas, images, and news regarding police brutality and blacks being murdered and killed by law enforcement and whites appears to have blown up overnight. The reality and gross fact is that Black people being murdered by institutions of power is nothing new in American culture. It is in American movies, music, and everyday life. It is joked, laughed, and cried about often. Blacks being murdered, oppressed, and mistreated by institutions built this country. It is the blood that stains the psyche of American liberty, impairs American freedom, imprisons American justice, and fails American function. So, why did the maltreatment brutally murdering of Blacks suddenly become a hot button issue?

Monika Verma

Prior to the major news feeds and headings regarding Blacks being murdered, America was coming off of the heels of a series of major financial crisis. America was battling a series of financial falls and failures that sent the country into a number of organized uprising challenging governments. There was the Dot-Com bubble, the subprime mortgage crisis, the housing bubble, the banking crisis, and the automobile crisis just to name a few. Out of these major events in American history came the “one verses the ninety-nine movement”, “Wall Street verses Main Street movement”, or the movements against big oil.

These movements become grassroots machines that began to pressure government and corporate officials about their capacity to care for everyday individuals, citizens, and workers. The media was reporting and talking about these issues incessantly. There was a unity. There was a collectiveness. There were men. There were women. There were Blacks. There were Whites. There were Hispanics, Asians, and a number of Americans gathering together wanting better jobs, better opportunities, more accountability, and transparency. It was about how government and cooperations treated its citizens and employees which affects all members of American society.

All of this, though, was brought to an abrupt standstill. Unity, gone. Collectiveness, gone. Working together, gone. And, again, America was thrown back into the tailspin of racial divide when the publication, advertisement, marketing, and publicizing of Blacks being murdered by institutions became the “new” newsreel in the world of twenty-four hour news. Why? Why did the news “suddenly” start talking about this so potently and consistently? Did they really care about the issue or is America just destined to be divided?

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