These are strange times. But, we must collaborate and come together in order to weather this situation. We must pray for one another and be creative and innovative about how to help each other amidst complying with recommended efforts to reduce and/or eliminate the impact of this virus.

There is much uncertainty about this situation. But, what is not uncertain is our ability to do our part and help where we can help. In addition to the recommendations by medical and public health professionals, here are a few reminders I have come up with and gathered from colleagues on how to help each other.

1. Call, video chat, text, and message each other. Physical distancing does NOT mean relationally disconnecting.
2. Keep or establish routines. Routines help keep awareness about days and times and combats disorientation.
3. Be informed but not inundated. Being informed, aware, and updated of what’s going on is okay. However, avoid being consumed with everything and know when to turn the news off.
4. Have daily goals. Whether it’s a workout goal, a connecting with loved ones goal, a reading goal, or a devotional goal; set goals for each day. No matter how small or big, goals help with focus, work ethic, and feelings of accomplishment.
5. Remember what you can control. In the grand scheme of things we can only control our actions.

Stay safe. Love your neighbor as yourself. Be your brother’s keeper.

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