Boots and Straps

The thought and idea of pulling one’s self up by their own boot straps is a fascinating idea. While it sounds good initially, there are many questions that rise.

(1) What if someone doesn’t have boots or straps? (2) Where do they go to acquire boots or straps? (3) What if when they get there they cannot afford boots or straps? (4) What if they are told they can rent-to-own the straps but they will not sell them the boots? (5) What if they are told that they cannot purchase, borrow, or rent either boots or straps?

Boots & Straps

(6) What if they are sold boots and straps but they are worn and torn and cannot make the journey and every time they get a few steps into pulling themselves up the straps brake and the boots tare and they have to turn back and purchase another pair of boots and straps? Yet they cannot get anywhere because they are always turning back to start over?

(7) What if they have to fill out an application and do not qualify for boots and straps? (8) When asked about how to qualify for the boots and straps, they are told that they have to apply for the qualification process that positions them to apply for the boots and straps. (9) What if a person obtains boots and straps and they are injured along the way and are not able to pull themselves up? What then?

This line of questioning can go own forever. The reality is that “boots and straps” is more than what someone can do on their own. It is a collective and collaborative effort of a community of persons that are supportive of each other. They have the financial, emotional, social, intellectual etc capital and leverage to assist one another in reaching goals, accomplishing objectives, and being successful.

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