Same Person, No Pain? Ashamed Person, Of Scars?

The Cross never stopped Jesus from being who He was.

It was wicked, vile, evil, horrid, and an absolute demonstration of darkness. However, it did not stop Jesus from being Healer, Keeper, Redeemer, Savior, Master, Rabbi, Friend, Brother, and everything else that He was (1).

If anything, it confirmed who He was (2).

Hana Houfani

Jesus pressed towards the higher mark of His calling. He was called to be Savior but He had to go through the Crucifixion. He had to go through the curtains of the Cross, the gate of the grave, and the halls of Hell in order to reach His destination, to reach His destiny (3).

Jesus was not delivered from, saved from, or brought out of the Cross (4). He endured to the end. He did not give up, walk away, or stand down. He endured until the end.

What is more fascinating is on the other side of the Resurrection, He still had scars. Jesus did not attempt to hide His scares. He did not attempt to sweep under the rug the pain He went through. He encouraged others to look at and even touch His hands and His feet (5). His identity and purpose was not limited to the reality that He got up from the grave. It is also in the reality that He was brutally, shamefully, and horridly murdered and went to the grave (6).

Salvation does not eliminate obstacles, challenges, or pain. If anything, it makes you more aware. Bearing one’s own Cross is not pretty. It is painful and gruesome.  Often times, it is not until we are on the other side of things that we are able to look back and see the glory of God in all that we have come through.

Until then, it is a walk by faith and not by sight (7).

Would you be the same person without your pain and scars? Are you ashamed of your pain and scars? Do your challenges stop you from living life? Do your barriers stop you from building dreams or pursuing goals?

1. Isaiah 53:5
2. John 10:10
3. 1 Corinthians 15:55-57
4. Mark 14:36
5. Luke 24:39
6. Matthew 27:50
7. 2 Corinthians 5:7

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