Compassionate Compliance

It is becoming more and more of a reality that COVID19 is deadly. Tens of thousands have died over the past weeks across the globe. This virus has not discriminated by color, creed, age, nationality, or any of the miniscuel markers oligarchs use to generate multitrillion dollar wars, divides, and oppressions. This virus defines the entry into this decade and is a force that humbles us all.

The American psyche and humility have a long and complicated history. Humility is a character trait that requires compliance and compliance, in theory, is the act of choice. It is a conscious decision to set aside how you want to do things. It is the intentional effort to do what needs to be done in the moment.

Sarthak Chahal

In American moralism compliance is an expected belief. It is an expected practice as long as it does not interfere with a more important American moralism – freedom. Freedom and liberty are at the core of all things American. Yet, American freedom is as diverse as the nations population. Freedom for some is compliance and doing what is best for the whole. Freedom for others is independence and doing whatever they want when they want.

The American freedom continuum plays out in toxic and productive ways across all walks of life. From the White House to the poor house; from Wall Street to Main Street; from the One Percent to the Ninty-nine; from colonialism to multiculturalism, American freedom is the cross to live by, defend, and die for. Thus, complicating compliance.

COVID19’s remedy requires compliance. It requires a unique compliance. It requires a community compliance. It requires a doing what is in the best interests of the whole compliance. It requires compassionate compliance.

This virus demands the act and use of one’s civil liberty and freedom to intentionally set aside what one wants to do and pursue what needs to be done for the good and betterment of the whole. Until this happens, those who do not find the compassion within themselves to comply will continue to contribute to the toll of the dead.

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