Calibrating The Heart

I wonder how Jesus had the capacity to be fully God and fully man. How was He able to engage the fullness of this life, the fullness of this world, the fullness of Creation, and not be consumed by the allurements of Creation? How was He not able to dine in the desires of the these bodies or the gravitational forces of carnality?

The Fall of humanity sent humanity into a sunken silliness of sin and the wages of sin. Man has suffered gravely at his own inability to sustain a conciousness and awareness of God’s presence. Men speak of His omnipresence but there is uncertainty that humanity believes in His omnipresence, omnipotence, or omniscience.

To Him
To Him

Similar to the works of Baal priest, men stand at the altars of life attempting to “sacrifice” themselves for the performance of God. It is the act and effort to get God to put on a show and “move now” simply because He is told to.

The work and move of the Lord is often viewed as something happening “to” us. Yet, the work of our Lord has nothing to do with an external act or something happening to us. Baal’s priests spent their time attempting to get their god to act on their behalf. They became so desperate they performed a most graphic act by cutting, hurting, and harming themselves in the name of “sacrifice”. Many today, while not necessarily physically hurting themselves, wail their bodies, lives, resources, and relationships around in the name of faith, big faith, or greater sacrifice. They want the Lord to do something to them so badly that they will do things to and for themselves and call it faith.

What the Lord wants is a “broken heart” and a “contrite spirit”. His work in our lives happens “in” us. The work of change is not what is placed in our hands but what is happening to our hearts. It is the perpetual calibration of our hearts to His heart. If our hearts are not changing, no matter what we receive we will still be evil to one another while simultaneously sticking our hand out placing demands on God or else our business of worship will be taken elsewhere.

1 Kings 18:25-27
Isaiah 1:11-19
Psalm 51:17-18

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