Special Needs, Caregivers, and Their World Stopping.

Being innovative and creative in caring for others these days is an understatement. Healthcare professionals of all disciplines have revamped how they provide services. The logistics of how we consume goods and acquire products has been reduced to drive-ups, drive-throughs, and restricted times of day. Educational systems have become learning management systems full of virtual hallways buzzing with the bells and whistles of Zoom meetings, Skype chats, and the uploading and downloading of assignments and packets. We are all adjusting.

One group I would like for us all to remember, praise, pray for, and encourage are special needs children and adults. Many with special needs were engaged in highly structured schedules and programs with specialized staff. The programs and staff gave them them the opportunity to acquire skills, connect with peers, find meaning and belonging, and be members of a community that appreciated and valued them. These same programs and professionals also provided families, caregivers, and loved ones the opportunity to care for their loved ones in deep and meaningful ways without becoming overwhelmed by the logistics of day-to-day life and living.

Insert physical distancing, self quarantine, stay home orders, and COVID19 protocols, and many of these structures were halted. Families, caregivers, and loved ones were thrust back into the throes of attempting to manage the 24 hour demands of special needs education, programming, and loss of structures.

Their is no question about it. The angst has increased. The frustration has increased. The emotional and physical demands have increased. The days can be long. The nights can be even longer. And the end, no matter how soon it maybe, seems to be nowhere in sight. Taking it one moment at a time is the reality.

This is not a lack of love. It is a reminder that love requires energy; and when your tired you are simply just trying to get from moment to moment, from day to day.

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