Good Shepherd. Green Pastures. Still Waters.

What we must remember and know is the old Sunday School speech and passage of scripture many across the world have learned. The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters.

It can be difficult to see green pastures and encouragement during times where everything is at a standstill. This pandemic has slowed down many aspects of life. It has brought them to a standstill. Industry, standstill. Educational systems, standstill. Tourism, standstill. Many food establishments, standstill.

More seriously, the death toll cannot be ignored and the severity of the issue must be considered. Boots on the ground across the globe are tirelessly working to flatten the curve, increase prevention, reduce contagion, and save lives.

The Shepherd makes his sheep lie down. He makes his sheep rest. It is most amazing how inundated and inebriated society has become with the busyness of life. Many stuck in restlessness, inability to sleep, chronic worry, and difficulty disconnecting their souls from toxic bench marks of life. There is nothing wrong with having goals and pursuing dreams. But, there is a difference between working towards goals and dreams versus becoming a slave to them.

Being made to stop and slow down demands a recognization of the important things about life – the green pastures. Green pastures provide sustenance, support, foundation, and being grounded. Our green pastures are loved ones, friends, and family. Our green pastures are our times to rest IN and WITH the Father.

The stillness can be overwhelming. Yet, the Lord provides leadership and direction during the stillness. He leads beside the stillness. He leads our hearts, minds, and souls beside all the the areas of life that have slowed. The Good Shepherd comforts us beside the stillness of these times. He leads us to focus amidst the stillness knowing He is our Shepherd never leaving us wanting.

Psalm 23:1-2
Psalms 46:10
Psalm 37:25

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