Boots and Straps

The thought and idea of pulling one's self up by their own boot straps is a fascinating idea. While it sounds good initially, there are many questions that rise. (1) What if someone doesn't have boots or straps? (2) Where do they go to acquire boots or straps? (3) What if when they get there … Continue reading Boots and Straps

A Call To Care

In her 2015 TedTalk, “How to fix a broken school? Lead Fearlessly, Love Hard”, Linda Cliatt-Wayman cited one of her catch phrases, “So What, Now What?” She reported that after all of the facts, numbers and statistics regarding the atrocities and difficulties of specific declining schools what are “we” going to do about it? While … Continue reading A Call To Care

Checking In

Remember to check in with the elderly, veterans, and others who may fight isolating symptoms. Connecting socially fights against many symptoms of mental illness. It helps with reducing mood disorder symptoms, anxiety symptoms, trauma symptoms and much more. Being connected with others reduces rumination, helps get people out of their own head, and connects those … Continue reading Checking In