Continual Praise

The continual sacrifice (1) of praise to God is not simply screaming and yelling to the top of our lungs. It is not only shouting phrases of adoration. Many houses of worship minimize worship to Christ by extensive and overly long services in the name of accessing the presence of God. It is also minimized … Continue reading Continual Praise

Leaving Church. Leaving Community.

Part 2 It was more than where we worshiped. It was about more than simple leaving the place we served and walked out our faith collectively with others. It was about leaving a community that we served faithfully nearly two decades. We served in schools. We served in healthcare. We served in ministry. We served … Continue reading Leaving Church. Leaving Community.

Checking In

Remember to check in with the elderly, veterans, and others who may fight isolating symptoms. Connecting socially fights against many symptoms of mental illness. It helps with reducing mood disorder symptoms, anxiety symptoms, trauma symptoms and much more. Being connected with others reduces rumination, helps get people out of their own head, and connects those … Continue reading Checking In