More Than Our Storms

We are more than our storms. We are pilgrims passing through. Journeying through to the other side-the promise land. Living one day as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. He, Christ the King-Jesus, rose from the dead shall return. We shall meet Him in the sky, dead first, than all who continues this life.

Standing In the Storm

Christ, our lamp and light to our feet and path. We are more than the storms or their aftermath.
Jesus, the Shepherd, leading us amidst still waters and positioning us in green pastures.
Pilgrim passing through.
Pass, this too.

The fear, uncertainty, angst, and pain. Peace being still is the calm amidst the storm and rain.
It is the knowledge that all will be alright. Their will be loss but there too will be Light.
We must see.
We must see the light.

Or else, in vain our fight.

We are more than our storms.

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