Personalized Faith

Faith is a very peculiar thing. Jesus is never limited by our limitations, confined by our conditions, or confused by our circumstances. These are the moments and spaces where He thrives and gets the glory.

Zechariah saw the facts and condition of his life versus what the angel spoke into his life. The angel of the Lord encouraged him “Do not be afraid…” and “…your prayer has been heard…”. Zachariah’s response was “How shall I know”.

Zachariah asked a very common and simple question. It is a question asked repeatedly throughout scripture and through out life. It is a question all ask. Some ask to ensure awareness and preparedness. Others ask out of scepticism and cynicism. Today, people are told all sorts of things in the name of the Lord and fail to construct any type of litmus test to determine if what is said lines up with scripture and who they are in Christ.

Regardless, God knows what faith looks like from each of us. What is faith from one may not be faith from another and God knew the heart of Zachariah.

Luke 1:18, 20

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