Remembering The Fallen

It is very easy to be inundated with the innumerable amount of changes and adjustments during these times. I would like to ask of you to pause for a moment and remember those who have fallen.

WizData, inc.

Since the beginning of its reign, COVID19 (i.e. coronavirus) has created havoc in all lives on this side of the grave. Additionally, it has ended tens of thousands of lives and has put them in the grave. To date (3/27/20) nearly 600 thousand cases have been confirmed and more than 27 thousand men and women lives have been taken globally by COVID19.

The families left behind by those who have passed are in a strange place. They are in a place where they have to grieve, stand still, and potentially unable to bury their loved ones the way they may have wanted to as a result of social distancing, quarantine, and municipality lock down.

Take a moment or two or three to pray for these families as they are grieving their losses, awaiting closure, and seeking ways to move forward amidst having to stand still.

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